How big can you go with hubs?

Max size

  • 5m is a good general maximum size - it's a good size but still physically manageable and not so high in the middle that you need ladders etc.
  • 6m is ok but is right on the limit of what's possible with hubs. Try to keep the sticks light and get a few friends to help and you should be ok.

Can I go bigger?

  • Theoretically you could if you kept the sticks really light, but it's not something we would recommend and that sort of scale isn't what the design was intended for.

2v examples

6m diameter dome made using roofing batten (19mm x 38mm)

6m diameter dome made for a dance set, also using roofing batten.

3v examples

6m diameter 3/8 3v

6m diameter 5/8 3v with door adaptation

Pollution Pods installation in Trondheim, Norway, which was on the limit of what is possible, you can see a film of the installation here.

We used the 3v add-on caps for additional security.

The sticks were locally sourced spruce.

Quite spacious inside but at 6m diameter you need a ladder / scaffold tower to reach the upper hubs to clamp them up.