Approaches for creating a greenhouse

1. Big sheet of polytunnel plastic

  • Use UV stabilised plastic for durability.

  • Start in the middle and staple it onto the sticks.

  • If applying in cool / cold weather leave a little slack as it will tighten when it heats up.

  • At a few points you'll end up with excess which you can fold under. You could cut this off but it will introduce a hole which using a complete sheet avoids.

  • Continue this process across the dome.

This was done a bit like this:

Thanks to Tonno Olonen in Estonia.

2. Triangles of polytunnel plastic

  • The triangles of plastic can be stapled to each triangle in turn.

  • If applying in cool / cold weather leave a little slack as it they will tighten when they heat up.

  • Cut disks or pentagon / hexagons that will cover the hubs and can be stapled to the surrounding sticks.

  • Once these and the triangles are in place you can place a batten or thin wooden / metal strip on top of each strut and screw it down to the dome frame.

  • This secures the plastic more properly and covers over the joins too – so you end up with strut-polytunnel-strut sandwich with struts still visible from the outside.

This was done a bit like this:

Thanks to David Bruce in Ireland.

3. Triangles of rigid polycarbonate

  • Thin wall polycarbonate roofing panels (say 10mm thick).

  • These would be cut down into the triangles to fit the dome.

  • Each one fixed to the dome with glazing tape and a bead of silicone sealant to allow for expansion / contraction due to changes in temperature .

Some more greenhouse examples

An extra layer and a raised entrance, thanks to Graham Read, UK.

A zip entrance, thanks to Yasemin Kirkagaclioglu in Istanbul.

A raised bed inside the dome.

Smaller raised bed and a place to relax too.

A door approach.

With door adaptation, thanks to Janna Idsardi, Netherlands.

An inside view of Janna's greenhouse.

An inside view of Ellen's greenhouse.

Neat doorway adaption in a hexagon using overlapping sticks to create the new lengths, thanks to Ellen van Lersel.

Cool peak over the door from Patti Kruse.

Nice greenhouse from Tom Hollis in the UK.

Door approach from Remi an Beekum, Netherlands.

Useful blog post about the process here.

The completed door.

Showing how to cut the plastic to cover the hubs.

Inset thin wall polycarbonate panels from Philippe Buffet in Poitiers, France.

Very cool silo-type greenhouse from @zonuendanmetnicky

Cool dome with it's own ventilation system from @veteranreboot

Hinged triangle for ventilation.

Cool 2v using thin wall polycarbonate panels, thanks to @pomoduomo

3/8 3v, thanks to Janez

Ply bracing used to further secure the hubs

5/8 3v, thanks to Yanney

Metal band strapping to further secure the hubs