Covering a 2v dome


The cover is based on the full dimensions for Longs and Shorts.

Our calculator calculates the lengths of the sticks you need to cut and removes 88mm from the full dimensions to account for the space that hubs take up.

Remember to add this back on to each length, to get the point-to-point measurements for the cover if you are using our calculator.

Here's a plan view of the full cover


The pentagons are shown complete to aid understanding of the component parts. As a flat pattern there would be a triangular gap between the edges of two of the triangles. Once joined together the pentagons would have their 3-dimensional form.


The dome is made up of 30 x isosceles triangles and 10 x equilateral triangles.

Remember to add on 88mm on to the Short and Long lengths that our stick calculator gives you.

30 x isosceles

10 x equilateral


In time we hope to have a downloadable base pattern which you can work from.

For now here is a partial pattern that we used to make the inset partial cover shown below. This will give a bit of an idea how you can take the basic forms shown above and combine them to create bigger repeatable shapes to simplify construction.

There are also some DIY cover resources here.

The colour dots indicate points to be aligned. The stars indicate Long lengths. Remember when calculating covers to use the point-to-point distances, not the lengths that our calculator gives which relate to the lengths to cut your sticks to.

Cord is passed through loops at the points of the cover. These are tied into hanging eyelets on the reverse of the hubs. You can also use cable-ties which is quite a quick and secure way attach the cover.